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Gallery of O'Cribbs Pups Page

          This is Shaggy. He is a beautiful Benny Dixie son.

        He loves the water, very athletic and a valued family member.
Shaggy - Benny Dixie Son - 2 yr old

Meet Darby - 4 Year old male by Benny and Bessie. Looks he could be Benny's twin.  His owner, Shelby's comments:
I thought I would send you an update of our amazing 4 year old boy, Darby.  He is such an AMAZING dog, so smart and always wanting to be involoved with everything going on! He is such a love :).  Thank you so much!" December 2011

Darby - Benny Bessie Son

Maverick - 3 year old Benny Bessie son.  
He's grown into a beautiful dog.

Maverick 9 yr old - Benny Bessie Son

Kobe - 1 year old Benny and Bessie Son

Kobe - 1.5 yr old - Benny Bessie Son

Kota - 6 month old, Benny Dixie Son. Although he's young, he's up for adventure. He has an independent, but happy go lucky nature.

Kota - 6 months old- Benny Bessie Male Puppy

This is Goofy - 1 year old male pup from Benny and Dixie. Although we have never hunted our dogs, Goofy is doing great for such a young dog and is equally gentle with his two young kids at home!

Goofy - Benny Dixie male son - 1 yr

Meet Sammie - another Benny Dixie pup - 1 year old. "She loves to be hanging around with everyone - loves all people and dogs she meets.  

Benny Dixie Female 1 year pup.

This is Remy. She is female from Benny and Rita. She was a dark red pup that has grown beautifully. Here's what her owner's have to say about her, "Her color is just amazing and her fur is wavy and thick - just as you said she'd be.  She has the perfect personality for us - smart, sweet, sassy and the perfect traveler. She is always happy and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to wake up to her smiling face and wagging body every morning! - Sheila

JUNE 2009

His owners comments:  Cody will be one year old on Wednesday, WHAT A YEAR! - He is doing GREAT!  He is daddy's boy unless it's dinnertime .... then he's all mine. He's so funny. He loves his walks and meeting new friends at the park.... Oh and he's HUGE!!! He weighs a little over $100.00lbs.

One Year Old - Cody - 100lbs
Benny/Britty Pup

This is Luna. She's a daughter of Benny and Bessie.

Luna - Benny & Bessie Female Pup

Below is Sierra, a 4 month old Benny/Dixie female pup. Note her light color and large size.

Sierra, camping.

Carter, "big strong dog, but gentle with the family".

Carter -Benny Britty Pup

Luna at 9 Months Old.
Luna is sister to Maverick above.

Luna - Benny Bessie Female at 9 months old

Sierra, Loving the Beach at 1 Year.

Sierra now 1 yr old.

Meet Carter. Pictured at 2.5 Years old. He's a Benny Britty son. His owners say:  "Carter is the most powerful Golden I've known, but he is also the biggest luvbug ever"!

Carter - BennyBritty- 2.5yrs

Parker - Bo and Bailey Daughter

Parker now at 9 months.

This is Parker above, pup and older photo. She's a Bo/Bailey pup, born August 07. Note the email comments I received from her new owner, Jeff after one month: "She's doing great. We've never had a smarter dog. She has a box w/sod in it where she goes potty. When we are home and she's roaming the house she will run downstairs to use her potty and can go potty on demand.  She also knows how to sit, stay, leave it and of course she loves to fetch.  House training was surprisingly easy.We can't wait til she's older to see if takes after Bo or Baily.  Thanks so much for an amazing dog!

Ginger's Smiling Face


This is Ginger above. She's a Bo/Britty daugher, about 1 year old.  Note her fluffy tail already and smiling face. She's very active, jogging daily with her owner and playing and overseeing their young daughters.


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